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Tips to a Successful Career in Medicine - By Amal Mattu

leadership Jun 19, 2021
Tips to a Successful Career in Medicine - By Amal Mattu


We are going to take a slight departure from our usual topic of ultrasound this month. Instead, we wanted to bring you a conversation with Dr. Amal Mattu about what makes a young or any-aged clinician successful?

We wanted to bring this topic as a gift to our many senior residents who are preparing to start their careers as attending physicians in just a few short weeks. We also feel these tips are helpful to anyone at any stage in their career. We hope you find this helpful!

Lastly, if you are a graduating senior resident, please fill out the form below and provide us with an email address that you will have access to after residency. In return, we will send a special first-year attending price to you in mid-July. 

For those who are completing your residency this year - Congratulations! We wish you the best!



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