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Master POCUS to
confidently care for
your patients

At EMsono, our specialized POCUS instructors break down the complex world
of point-of-care-ultrasound into easy-to-grasp concepts and have empowered
thousands of health providers to radically improve patient care.
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Need to refresh or develop your POCUS skills for a new position?
Feeling stressed from having to learn POCUS on-the-job?
Are you tired of trying to learn POCUS from scattered online videos?
Take a sigh of relief.

We know there’s no standardized POCUS training—which is why we’re here. EMsono’s
comprehensive POCUS courses will teach you the fundamentals and specialized techniques
so you can handle any situation with confidence and precision.

Find the Right POCUS Training for You

We offer POCUS training for attendings, fellows, APPs, residents, medical students, nurses, and first responders in specialties ranging from emergency medicine to pediatrics to surgery and beyond.
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POCUS Subscriptions for Individual Practitioners

Our 6-month and 1-year subscriptions include videos, quizzes, and cover a broad range of POCUS topics and techniques.

POCUS Courses
for Individual Practitioners

Courses teach one specific topic—like renal POCUS, adult abdomen, or the eFAST exam, so you can focus on what you need.

POCUS Education for Your Group or Residency

Residencies and group accounts receive 365 days of EMsono access and may qualify for
bulk discounts!

Learn to Earn PRA Category 1 CME Credits

If you're an attending, fellow, or APP, you'll earn between 2 - 75 CME Credits depending on which training you choose.
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Explore Our Core & Advanced POCUS Training

  Core Modules:
  • Aorta Ultrasound
  • First Trimester Ultrasound
  • Focused Echo Introductory Module
  • Focused Renal ultrasound
  • Gallbladder Sonography
  • Lower Extremity DVT Ultrasound
  • Ocular Ultrasound
  • Practical Scanning
  • Soft Tissue Ultrasound
  • Tendon Ultrasound
  • The eFAST Exam
  • The RUSH Exam
  • Vascular Access
  Advanced Modules:
  • Adult Abdomen
  • Advanced Cardiac Ultrasound
  • Doppler Ultrasound
  • GYN & Ectopic Pregnancy
  • Pediatric Abdomen
  • Practical Scanning
  • Second and Third Trimester Ultrasound
  • Soft Tissue MSK
  • Testicular Ultrasound
  • Thoracic Ultrasound
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Why Choose EMsono?

Interactive learning|Available 24/7|Robust reporting|Comprehensive content|Engaging quizzes|Real-life cases|Expert-led education|




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We're trusted by over 70 emergency medicine residency programs, United States Special Operations Command, and thousands of independent practitioners. Join us today to become a POCUS leader in your field.
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What makes EMsono's POCUS training different?

Expert Instructors
Elevating your ultrasound proficiency is our mission, and our team of expert instructors is here to make it happen. With a wealth of experience and knowledge, they offer invaluable guidance that goes beyond your average POCUS course.
Always Available
Whether you need to sharpen your skills on a weekend or review material during a midnight shift, EMsono is always available and ready to help you achieve your goals.
Interactive Learning
Our in-depth training includes clear lectures, cases from real-life scenarios, and interactive quizzes that’ll keep you engaged and sharpen your skills so you feel confident caring for your patients.
EMsono scales to fit your needs—whether you're an individual practitioner, running a residency, or part of a large physician group! We can accommodate any group size.

Our students have
a few nice things to say about us

The EMsono modules were very well done and easy to follow. I really liked how there would be side-by-side images of the sonographic picture with a digital mannequin to demonstrate where the probe was placed and at what angle to achieve such an image.

- Carrie

The videos are top notch and have helped me learn so much!

- Eric

EMsono was essential to my POCUS education! The course transformed me into an effective sonographer, culminating in a higher level of care for my patients.

- Jason

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