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Looking to learn a specific POCUS technique?
Courses are the bite-sized modules found in our comprehensive POCUS subscriptions. Courses are a great place to get started with POCUS and perfect for working on a specific skill. With our Courses, you can focus on what you want—without the extra content!


Subscriptions are perfect for those wanting to learn a broad range of POCUS skills.

Subscriptions contain dozens of courses in one neat package. We offer one-year and six-month subscriptions, so whether you're looking for short-term training or access to our content over the years, subscriptions will take your POCUS skills to the next level. Get started today!

Group Accounts

Are you looking to support your group or residency with POCUS training?

We can help with that! We can support any group size, including the following group types:

  Physician groups
  Private organizations
  And others!

We understand the time, energy, and cost it takes to run these groups, which is why we bake in the lowest possible fee for residencies offer bulk discounts. Pricing is determined by what types of providers are in your group. Check out our Group Pricing page to see our pricing structure and get your custom quote.  

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